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RSS Project CBD

  • Project CBD Launches Research Platform to Study CBD Efficacy November 29, 2018
    START SURVEY Calling all CBD users! Whether your remedy is fresh flower or concentrate, tincture or vape oil, cannabis or hemp-derived—we’re asking you to share your CBD experience by participating in a user-friendly, interactive research survey. Give us feedback about what’s helped you and what hasn’t.
  • The Evolving Regulatory Status of Cannabidiol November 26, 2018
    On June 25, 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced its first-ever approval of a marijuana-derived pharmaceutical drug.
  • Cannabidiol and Epilepsy Meta-Analysis November 8, 2018
    How often have we heard, “More research is needed,” from those who would prefer to see no change in policies that should be informed by science? From climate denial to cannabis prohibition, the demand for absolute scientific certainty is a call for inaction. It begs the question: When is there “enough” research? How about not enough to […]

RSS The Daily Chronic

  • Study: Little Distinction Exists Among ‘Sativa’ or ‘Indica’ December 8, 2018
    Study: Little Distinction Exists Among ‘Sativa’ or ‘Indica’ | NORML MIDDLEBURY, VT — The interbreeding of cannabis plants has resulted in a dearth of pure ‘indica‘ or ‘sativa‘ strains, according to a review published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. In most cases, these classifications are used arbitrarily, the author states. “Categorizing cannabis as either ‘sativa‘ and ‘indica‘ […]
  • Study: Long-Term Use of Epidiolex Reduces Seizure Frequency in Subset of Pediatric Patients December 8, 2018
    Study: Long-Term Use of Epidiolex Reduces Seizure Frequency in Subset of Pediatric Patients | NORML NEW YORK, NY — The long-term use of Epidiolex is associated with reduced seizure frequency in a subset of patients with pediatric, refractory epilepsy, according to clinical data published in the journal CNS Drugs. A team of investigators from Columbia University in New York and the […]
  • Minnesota Approves Alzheimer’s for Medical Marijuana, Other Conditions Rejected December 7, 2018
    Minnesota Approves Alzheimer’s for Medical Marijuana, Other Conditions Rejected | TJ Baker The Minnesota Department of Health announced Monday that they have approved adding Alzheimer’s disease as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana, but rejected petitions to add opioid use disorder, hepatitis C, traumatic brain injury, and insomnia to the program. Alzheimer’s disease is a […]
    TJ Baker

RSS Cannabis Law Report

  • The Colorado Sun Asks..What exactly did it mean for Colorado voters to “legalize” marijuana? December 15, 2018
    On Wednesday the Colorado Supreme Court heard arguments about whether an alert from a marijuana-sniffing dog is alone enough to justify a search. Read the article to understand how this leads to the bigger questions.
    Sean Hocking
  • Covington & Publish Release On Farm Bill & Hemp December 15, 2018
    Dec 13 they write in the release, "The Farm Bill, if signed by the President, would effectively deschedule certain cannabis products, such as cannabidiol (“CBD”), derived from Cannabis sativa containing no more than 0.3% THC. Unlike the 2014 Farm Bill, which did not amend the CSA, the Farm Bill modifies the definition of marijuana, a […]
    Sean Hocking
  • Industrial Hemp Legal…. CBD? Beware The Grey. December 15, 2018
    When McConnell's hemp pen hit the farm bill the superlatives started . Many headlines immediately asserted the CBD is now legal. As Leafly correctly point out, it is somewhat more complicated that that.
    Sean Hocking
  • Hoban Law Publish Statement On The Farm Bill December 15, 2018
    "Specifically, the Farm Bill serves to clarify and affirm the rightful place of raw hemp as an agricultural commodity, alongside corn and wheat."
    Sean Hocking
  • Pilot With Cannabis Chocolate Bars Ends Up In Court ( DC Circuit) December 14, 2018
    "Siegel was not alleged to have been under the influence of cannabis, and his passenger—now his wife—later claimed she had packed the chocolate bars without his knowledge. He faced a drug possession charge in Kansas that was later dropped."
    Sean Hocking